Katie Parkin intends to highlight and challenge our perception of nature. For Katie,we must address the impact of humans on nature which begins with what our perception of nature is. Katie’s work explores the geology of the Scottish east coast, using tactile materials such as ground rock from the cliffs and charcoal to highlight the unique qualities of our environment and question our relationship with nature.
For Katie, as society becomes more aware of the implications of our footprint on our ever-changing environment. We as a society tend to think of nature as a great wilderness often far from where we live and work. We view nature as places to be visited which have little connection to our daily lives, yet these Edens are just as directly impacted and maintained by humans as our cities and towns. By creating a series of tiled images, Katie merged different drawings together with an unnatural straight line. This purpose of this line is to challenge the viewer; will they doubt the authenticity of this drawing or will the simply accept this alteration as a natural form of the rocks surface.Through her exploration of the cliffs, Katie allows the viewer to question their perception of nature.
Katie aims to draw attention to their variation and beauty while highlighting how erosion will change this coastline as sea levels continue to rise.